Jewel Kilcher Biography: Know about her Father, Mother, Brothers & Siblings

Meet Jewel Kilcher; she is the second child of Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Jewel Kilcher. You know her well for the role in the 6th season of Alaska: The last show that aired on Discovery channel. Many of her lovely fans were excited to see her in Alaska Show. That article is all about her family. Make sure you gain some comfort as I take you through a detailed look at Jewel Kilcher family. Get info on her mother, father, brothers, as well as other siblings.

Jewel Kilcher life & Biography

Jewel Kilcher was born on 23rd May 1974. She was born in Uttha, that is the same place where her parents were living. She has always felt ‘abandoned’ by her mother Lenedra Carroll who left her when they are separated.

Jewel Kilcher

When Jewel was 8 years old her parents then divorce happened, and although they tried to mend the relationship by making her mother her manager, the difference proved to be a hard nut to crack

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Name of Jewel mother is Lenedra Carroll. She is known as a warm-hearted lady but sadly she was not to her family. She is talented in many ways. She is a writer, singer, a businessman and the ex-wife of Atz Kilcher. Here is more about her.

Mother of Jewel Kilcher.

She was born and raised in Alaska. She comes from a humble background, but this did not limit her potential. She is the daughter of Arva Carol and Jasper Jewel Carroll. She was brought up with her three other siblings.

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She had an attractive and presence as a singer. She managed a huge entertainment enterprise that remains internationally recognized. She has won the hearts of many peoples.

Jewel Kilcher’s Brothers and Other Siblings

As we already mention, Jewel Kilcher is the second child of Atz and Lenedra Kilcher. Immediately after her birth, Jewel Kilcher’s family changed their residence to Anchorage in Alaska. Here Jewel parents were blessed with their youngest child Atz Lee. Atz Lee was born in 1977. The eldest brother is called Shane, and he was born in 1969. Aside from her blood brothers, Jewel also has a half-brother. His name is Nikos.

Jewel and her brother Atz Lee Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher and all her siblings were popular due to featuring in entertainment indistry Shane and Atz Lee are both parts of the reality series cast; Alaska; The Last Frontier. Jewel Kilcher herself took so many traits from her mother; she is a writer, a singer, business lady among many other things.

Jewel Kilcher’s Family

Name: Jewel Kilcher
Mother: Lenedra Carroll
Father:  Atz Kilcher
Siblings: Shane Kilcher, Atz Kilcher, Nikos Kilcher
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